Paul Matzko

…an evangelical historian named Mark Noll…critique was was this simultaneous… That evangelical circles in America tend to have this simultaneous fascination with and yearning for intellectual respectability, but then also revulsion and distaste towards it. They both desire it and fear it, and you kinda get that in here. Their idea of what those people out there, those dangerous secularists and Congress people and whatnot, that to them, all that matters is intellectual respectability, chairs of this and smart people that arguments from authority. But they think that… Again, this is all generated in the evangelical imagination. They think that because at their core, they worry that they don’t have that thing. They don’t have that respectability so…

…that sense of there’s this vaguely defined sinister other that’s oppressing us, the persecution complex. Is that… Yeah, it doesn’t really matter. All these different government entities are all part of this inchoate, ill‐defined oppressive mass that are coming down on Christians. And so there is this vague sense… They didn’t even have to bother tying things together. It’s just the Family Court judge, the state level bureaucrat from child protective services, the congressional… The congressional hearing is… It’s all just kinda one big mass out to get us. So it kind of feeds into that persecution complex.

Paul Matzko and Aaron Powell help us parse out fact, fiction, fear, and faith in the God’s Not Dead film series.

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